About Me

“Stars can’t shine without darkness” – D. H. Sidebottom

Hi, my name is Sarah.

I always enjoyed supporting people and offering a listening ear. This led me to pursue my counselling journey. When I began my training it was confirmed and affirmed for me that this was something I was truly passionate about – being able to connect with individuals that are kind and brave enough to share their pain, stories, life experiences and most importantly, themselves with me. It is a privilege to be able to witness someone grow into their true self. We all have times when we could benefit from having someone to talk to that can hear us without judgement.

I am a qualified MBACP registered therapist , and at the heart of all my work is a Person-Centred approach. This means that I believe people are experts in their own lives – I allow the client to lead the sessions whilst I walk alongside them on their therapeutic journey towards their goals. I often work integratively if the client’s individual needs require a slightly different approach – for example I may incorporate aspects of CBT, I may employ creative activities in the session or I may try a more Psychodynamic approach. I work with a wide range of individuals, from diverse walks of life with a variety of different needs. I currently work with people aged 16 and over.

At Light in the Dark Therapy, my mission is to empower and accompany individuals on their journey towards their own light.